Flower Parade - Rose (stories and legends).

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    Rose (stories and legends).

    Rose - Queen of flowers - is the object of worship and ardent love. Since time immemorial, the rose was the object of worship and admiration. The earliest information about the rose can be found in drevneindusskih legends: it enjoyed in ancient India such honor, that there was even a law under which anyone who will bring a rose to the king could ask him anything you desire.

    Rose (stories and legends)

    In ancient Iran about this flower charms written hundreds of volumes. According to one of the poets, the rose was a gift of God. One day he came all the children of Flora to appoint their new ruler instead of the beautiful, but sleepy Lotus, who forgot the night of his duties of the governor. Allah listened to their request and sent down to them pristine white rose with sharp thorns.

    Poets and writers inspired by the legend of the nightingale and the rose. Nightingale was so captivated by her beauty that delighted rose pinned to his chest. But spikes, sharp like daggers, stabbed him in the heart, and blood stained the accident wondrous flower petals. That is why the story of Persian legend, many outdoor rose petals still retain their pinkish hue.

    Perhaps the Persian rose, and was originally a magnificent Terry rose with a musky odor. A garden can be found Negaristan rose Eglanteriyu - up to b m, with a trunk up to 70 cm in circumference. This rosewood has no analogues in the world.

    From the Persians love roses turned to all Mohammedans, who attributed them to the purifying force - according to legend, the white rose grew from the drops of sweat Muhammad during his night ascent to heaven. Therefore, no Mohammedan not stepped on a rose, and lying on the ground tab once to shift to a clean place. Rozvovoy water attributed cleansing power: Mohammed II, for example, after the capture of Constantinople, commanded them to cleanse the Church of St.. Sofia from top to bottom with rose water before you turn it into a mosque.

    In China rose fond, say, and the great Confucius, and sang praises her as the queen of flowers. They also say that more than 500 volumes in the library of the Chinese emperor narrate only the rose, and the imperial gardens it grows in incredible quantities. Did rose the ancient Jews - and to this day a moot point. However, according to the Talmud, red rose grew out innocently spilled blood of Abel and should therefore serve as an ornament every Jewish bride at a wedding.

    In Greece - the center of all the intellectual life of the ancient world - the rose was considered a gift from the gods. According to Anacreon, she was born out of a snow-white foam that covered the body of Aphrodite. Seeing this pretty flower on it, the gods immediately sprayed it with nectar, giving it a wonderful aroma.

    There are many legends about how the white rose is red. According to one legend, it was painted a drop of blood of Aphrodite as she, not noticing the sharp spikes, running down the grove Python, where he lay wounded to the death of her beloved Adonis. Other states, during one of the feasts of the gods on Mount Olympus Cupid overturned his red-pink wings vessel with nectar, color white roses red and let them smell sweet.

    Rose played an important role in everyday life: wreaths of roses decorated with the bride, they were sent to each other in love, roses strewn path Greeks winner, who was returning home. On the other hand, the roses were cleaned urns with ashes of the deceased - in the round bud Greeks saw the symbol of infinity. Generally, rose miracle attributed to a variety of properties - safeguard the remains of decomposition to return the beauty and many others. In honor and weavers were wreaths of roses.

    Greece rose was moved colonists in Rome. In the days of the republic rose was considered a symbol of strict morals and was a reward for outstanding acts and warriors adorned themselves with wreaths of roses, to instill a courage. She was so highly valued that it was forbidden to adorn themselves with her in the days of grief and sorrow. And the houses are often hung over the table twig rose as a symbol of the god Harpocrates - the god of silence. Popular expression "sub rosa dictum" - means: I said under the rose, that is. E. Strict confidence.

    Value rose during the fall of Rome has changed: it has become a flower fun during drunken orgies, the mouthpiece of low feelings. Patricians and emperors fragrant petals stuffed mattresses and pillows strewn floors of their palaces with a thick layer of petals. In the dining room of the emperor Nero ceiling and walls rotate, depicting the changing seasons, and instead of hail and rain, guests showered billions of fresh petals. Wanting to get drunk as much as possible the smell of roses, the emperors ordered even strew petals surface of the sea water during the walks.

    Vast Rosa gardens on the outskirts of Rome expanded at the expense of grain crops. And the streets of Rome were so impregnated with the smell of roses that unfamiliar person becomes ill.

    This attitude of the Romans to the rose initially disgust her first Christians. But over time, she began to acquire their location thanks to the wondrous beauty and delicate smell. She even dedicated the Blessed Virgin. A white rose is also called Magdalene roses - they have lost their color from spilled its tears of remorse. In addition, Rose Catholic legends - a heavenly protector of good deeds.

    Rose enjoyed the greatest love in medieval France. Here and allowed to breed her not everyone. And to give her daughter a garland of roses, "Chapelle", considered it his duty, even the most poor parents. And even the baptism was performed at this time with a touch of rose water.

    In England, under the banner of the two peace roses - red and white - broke the terrible fratricidal war, which lasted 30 years. Bushes, from which were thwarted by these two historical roses, were in the park Temple in London and died only about a dozen years ago. Subsequently, British gardeners brought special sort of rose, Lancaster Iorksky, famous for the fact that on the same bush in bloom and red and white roses.

    First rose in England served as the hallmark of the actors who wore it on his shoes. But soon it became an attribute of costume fashionable men and women of England, who wore her ear, and the greater was the rose, the more luxurious. Soon live rose behind his ear began to appear Queen Elizabeth herself. Finally, Rose was the last flower, which carried with him out of this world, King Edward VII - his inconsolable wife Queen Alekandra put into his hand a marvelous white rose.

    In Germany, Rose appeared in the days of paganism. Loki the god of fire upon the occurrence of spring laughing, and his laughter runs cold, the snow melts and the ground is covered with roses. At the same time rose - a symbol of the sword, and a fatal wound. Because of this pink and gardens called battlefield and cemeteries.

    On the Establishment of Christianity in Germany was transferred to him, and pagan worship rose. According to legend, the white rose rose bush, where the Virgin Mary hung to dry diapers Christ. Said that touching the rose turns werewolves back to the people and accuses witches. In XVI Freemasons adorned themselves rose in midsummer. A mystical Rosicrucian society elected as its symbol wreath of roses with thorns with St. Andrew's cross inside.

    Finally, the image of a wreath of roses in the pentagon of stars was a sign based Brazilian Emperor Don Pedro I of the Order of the pitch, which was considered to obtain the greatest honor. In Russia, however, rose as decoration gardens appeared under Peter I and especially during the reign of Catherine II. A frequent name Rozanov we also went from the rose - that name one graph called the family of serfs, which set free for outstanding skills in the care of roses, what is the father of this family outdone special guest Englishman.

    Roses are pink and white, yellow and dark red, and the Hawaiian Islands are growing even black and blue. The color of a tropical sky gives beauty pale blue petals. Blue Rose, of course, rare. But no less rare and is the emerald rose, bred in the botanical garden "Napoca" the Romanian city of Cluj. Petals salad green that resemble roses transparent pearlescent wings of dragonflies.

    They say that was born even black rose, which embodies the sadness. And in Italy the exhibition of flowers was presented a white rose Puretstsa - Clean without a thorn.


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